Charlotte Mission Adventure Day 2

Having a dozen middle school students for three days straight is a tough gig, no matter who you are.  On day two, though, these young people continue to amaze me with their kind hearts, quick smiles, and, well, clumsiness.

Today we began our day serving at the Carolina Raptor Center up in Huntersville.  We raked their trails to prepare them to have more gravel added to them.  Our job was to remove the debris like leaves, sticks, and even weeds so when the new gravel was added, it would go down smoothly.  We spent our whole time at the CRC raking the trails by the bird hospital and cages where injured birds recovered.

After a quick break for lunch, we traveled to Plantation Estates and played games with some of the residents of the medical section.  We split into two groups and one played bunko and the other had a wonderful time bowling.  Our youth really brightened everyone’s day with their energy and thoughtfulness.   Without prompting, they included the residents of PE and even made them feel very special.

So you’ve heard about the kind hearts and quick smiles, but the clumsiness?  We played laser tag tonight and one of our youth walked into a wall while playing.  Twice.  In her defense, the arena is darker with black walls and black dividers to create corridors.  But to run into the wall twice?  And then, in a stroke of pure awesomeness, she unfortunately ran into a wall in the Sardis House.  Thankfully her mom is spending the night with us and after she stopped laughing, was able to make sure her daughter was OK.

Please continue to be in prayers for our middle school students.  They love to help others and look forward to serving tomorrow!

— Adrian Martin