St. Louis Mission Trip — Day 7

Today was one of my favorite days of the trip. We started by going to a food pantry and there was an efficient assembly line and I put rice in the boxes. It was kind of fun. They were playing some good tunes and we were dancing. After lunch we went to another center which was to help people of all ages in that community that are in poverty. I worked with elementary schoolers in a literacy based summer camp and it was really fun. We put roller skates and helped the children ride around. The kids loved us and I enjoyed spending time with them. We also scooped ice-cream and toppings for the kids. It was a change of pace for the kids not asking for a generous amount of a certain topping, we had limited supplies and they rarely complained when I sprinkled a little spoonful of Oreos. We went to the zoo after that and we saw so many cool animals. It was sad though because many of the animals were cooped up. We came back to the house for the dinner and had a really fun dance party with s’mores. The day as a whole was very rewarding and fun.

–Gracie Bartel

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