St. Louis Mission Trip – Day 3

St. Louis Mission Trip – Day 3


Awakened by a beautiful sunny day, we were up and ready to go. Our cooks sent us off with a wonderful breakfast and it’s amazing to see everyone helping out in the AMEN house to get us on our way as the youth are well into doing their clean up rotations for the week.


One of the things I have noticed is that our youth are starting to ask a lot of questions about serving here in anticipation for the week. Who will we see…what will we do…who will lead us….all great questions. My hope is they will see God in themselves, and help others to see him through their service. As adult leaders, it was encouraging to see them work today preparing for tomorrow to touch someone’s life in a Christ like way.


Out in groups, some walked the streets passing out flyers announcing the work project tomorrow and many met neighbors while also getting to know the other youth groups here from Virginia. The homes we passed speaking to the history of the area from once prosperous to now many sadly in decay. Some worked with the leaders of Mission: St. Louis, getting ready for serving food tomorrow, and others worked sorting and gathering the tools and equipment we will put in our hands so we all are ready to start at 8:45 a.m.


The youth seem excited to get to know the other youth here on mission from a group of churches from Virginia. Some of them we will meet up with again when we go to Montreat later this summer.  After dinner tonight, they hosted us at their sponsoring church as we brought in ice cream and played nine square and sardines. (Please ask us about it when we get back). It was difficult saying goodnight because they were having such a good time but we will see them again tomorrow at the worksite.


As the days ends…the youth discuss their day with stories to tell and more questions. What does the Bible say about…? Fill in the blank…good works…faith…Paul…other religions…the questions continue as their minds and hearts awaken.


As we go out tomorrow please continue to pray for the youth. That they continue to grow in their conviction and carry God’s spirit out into St. Louis.


A reporter from General Assembly came and wrote an article about the work we were doing at Mission: St. Louis.  Check it out below:


by Karen Bohlen

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