The Great Escape – Day 5

The Great Escape – Day 5


This is the last day at The Great Escape.  It has been fun watching our young people wrestle with their faith and ask some of the tough questions.  Some have made friends and some have grown closer to our own youth.


Hopefully everyone who participated in this year’s conference has had their faith stretched and grown.  Time will be the test that determines if that is the case.


Today was the infamous Crud Day, where we play in yuck (literally the absorbent stuff found in diapers), snot (a gooey substance that resembles, well, snot), shaving cream, and colored powder.  Everyone had a great time getting messy!  Unfortunately we did not get as many pictures as we would have liked, but the nature of the mess meant no one wanted to bring their cell phone to the party!  We did manage to capture a couple pictures, so we look forward to posting those at a later time.


Tomorrow, we travel home.  Please pray for safe travels for us.  And please pray for the experiences that helped to shape us through this week continue to benefit us!

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