The Great Escape – Day 4

The Great Escape – Day 4


I’ve had many people ask me why I enjoy working with middle school students.  Today was a perfect example of why.  We had such highs hanging out together during the afternoon’s Ultimate Sports Challenge as we literally cheered on our friends as they were playing chess.  Yes, I was “shushed” a couple times, but I was going all out for our youth as they played chess.  I even became a commentator for one of our youth’s game.  (“As the knight slides into place, the other pieces around it are getting nervous, until they realize the movement path of the knight.  But standing next to a big, stinking horse can’t be fun!”)TGE Lee 2018 359_729.JPG


We came in second and fourth in the soccer tournament, did well in the badminton tournament, and placed third in chess.  Everyone participated who wanted to and everyone had a great time cheering on our friends!

TGE Lee 2018 339_709.JPG

The laughter and fun continued during dinner as we were all cutting up and enjoying being in each other’s company.


Then during the evening program, everyone went outside to spend some time in prayer alone with God.  Four hundred and sixty middle school students were all silent and spent time in prayer with God.  It was an amazing sight to behold!

TGE Lee 2018 366_736.JPG

Then during our discussion following the evening program, the youth showed such love and support for each other as they shared what was on their hearts and minds during the prayer time.


These middle school students are some really special youth.  And they truly care for each other and share in each other’s joys and pains.


This is why I love working with middle schools students!

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