Montreat Youth Conference Day 3


Tuesday is also known as Timber Tuesday by Sardis Presbyterian Church Youth.  Our graduated seniors helped set up a schedule of suggested outfits for the week and Tuesday happened to be Lumberjack Tuesday (or Timber Tuesday).  Our group really hyped it up!  Check out the picture to see our lumberjacks.  And stay tuned for Hawaiian Day tomorrow…

Anyway, today, we discussed how God meets us in our broken places in our lives.  Small groups discussed lamenting and being angry at God, using the Psalms as a place to find comfort for these feelings, as they were expressed by the different authors of the Psalms.

Keynote pushed us again as they brought up topics that truly affect the lives of youth.  We were able to unpack more of this in our small groups and as a backhome group this evening.

Unfortunately, since it is past midnight (again) and sleep has been a rarity, it is about time to see if it can be found.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

— Adrian Martin

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