Day 7 by Jack Bohlen

Day 7

Yesterday we arrived in Cusco on the bus and we checked into our hotel. It’s also a school built in so a couple of the guys and I played basketball. Next we walked through the plaza in the city and looked at cathedrals and political cartoons of trump and Bill Clinton. We then arrived to the market which was actually inside. There we shopped for all kinds of nicnacks and alpaca apparel. It was a fun experience because we could barter for prices so of course Adrian got ripped off and payed 40 soles too much for an alpaca blanket but he’s still a little mad about it so we try not to bring it up. After that we came back to the hotel to drop off our things and head to museums and dinner. First we went to the Incan museum and saw some of the ancient architecture and culture. Second we went to a chocolate factory where we got to try some chocolate and taste some of their desserts. During the tasting Kyle Bartel came up with a cool alpaca sweatshirt and told us he got it below in a handmade store for a reasonable price. After that everyone started to slowly migrate down to the store until we were swarming the place. A lot of us bought some alpaca gear and we all started to dress like natives even though we don’t look them. Lastly we went to a buffet dinner where we ate tasty alpaca and different types of potatoes and ended the evening with a show where a man made everyone a drink that helped with sickness. Currently everyone is healthy and ready to go to machu picchu where we will not be able to blog.

-Jack Bohlen

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