Peru Update by Adrian Martin

First I must apologize that we have not updated the blog in a couple of days.  We have some injuries and illnesses running through our group and that taken its toll on us.  First on Saturday evening, one of our youth slipped in the bathroom and hit her head pretty good, so we (Carrie, Rev. Sara, and I) drove with her to the hospital.  She checked out quite fine, but gave us a good scare for a bit.  Unfortunately, we did not think of getting the computer before we left so no one could post.  Then last night, I was hit by the illness that I spreading through us and the Peruvian workers and it kept me in bed for the entire afternoon and through this morning.  I’m still not 100%, but I am hoping to get there soon.

On Saturday, we worked hard to finish up our goal of getting the seven footers placed.  This is a five foot deep hole by at least six feet long and four feet wide.  We had to dig that out, place the 25 foot rebar studs in the holes, then pour concrete to stabilize it.  Getting the rebar in was tough as it kept wanting to tip over, so we have several people helping to stabilize it while the Peruvian workers tied it down.  Making concrete began as a process of shoveling.  A lot of shoveling.  We needed 150 shovelfuls of the gravel mixture per three bags of concrete.  Then we had to turn the pile over three times to mix it up.  Then the water was added and there was plenty more mixing.  Then we had to put it in wheelbarrows and drop it in the holes, adding large rocks that we cleaned earlier for support.

Later on Saturday afternoon, a concrete mixer machine did arrive and we were able to crank out some serious concrete.  We were able to finish the footers late Saturday afternoon and then enjoy a much needed rest.  Well, until the head injury occurred.

On Sunday, we began with a wonderful worship service that was translated between English and Spanish.  It was wonderful to experience Christian community with our brothers and sisters in another country.  The preaching was decent (at the request of the Peruvian pastor, I preached about “Following Jesus”) but to me the real highlights were when three of our girls (Caroline A., Camden, and Meredith) sang a song that moved some people to tears for how awesome an offering to God it was.  We also celebrated Communion and it was great to see us all come together around the table.

After worship and lunch, folks went hiking to see some of the wonderful sites around Urcos and then went to the market.  Unfortunately, this is when the illness began to claim its next victims and three of us (myself included) could not be out and about.

We are all on the mend and are excited about the next adventure on our trip: heading to Cusco and then onto Machu Picchu!

I am hoping to get some of the youth who had volunteered to write the blog to do so on our bus ride to Cusco this morning and then we can upload more later today.

Your continued prayers are really important to us!

One thought on “Peru Update by Adrian Martin”

  1. Dear Sardis Youth and Leaders, Please know that we are all keeping you in prayer and following along with you. We attend the 11 am service and yesterday, Pastor Katie mentioned to keep you all in our prayers and we are, so many of us are. Bless you all for the work you are all doing in creating a solid structure to last for years to come that will service the needs of the people in that area and for sharing your words and talents (youth daily devotionals and worship) with the people you meet. Thank you to the caregivers and leaders in the group that knew what the resources were on the ground so things could be assessed, care could be given, and things are well. May you all continue to grow in spirit and strength, both physical and otherwise, during this bump in the road on your journey forward. Because we believe, we are assured that the Lord is with you…please know that we are too.

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