Changing Gears

The Great Escape has come and gone.  While some of us are still catching up on our sleep, others are riding the excitement of the week.  The struggle is real to remember the closeness to each other, the feel of the Holy Spirit right next to us, and thrill of being with 700 other middle school students.

However, for me (Adrian Martin), at least, it is time to change gears.  The High School Mission Trip to Peru departs tomorrow morning, so I am back in the office switching out things that I needed at The Great Escape for the things I will need for Peru.  Do I have all of the medical forms?  Passports?  Will everyone remember to wear their t-shirts?  How many last minute questions will I get from parents?  Did I remember to take my altitude sickness medication?  Have I got everything I need packed away?  Will I remember to leave or check my pocket knife?

So many things to flip from one trip to another, but it is all worth it!  Seeing the middle school students last week on fire and the prospect of opening the eyes to the global mission Sardis is involved in next week is a wonderful feeling!

As a wrap up for The Great Escape, I have been asked to list the songs that we sung in worship all week.  Here they are:

  • Falling Into You – Hillsong, Young, & Free
  • I Can’t Let Go – Alex Sasser
  • Safe Place – Alex Sasser
  • Good, Good Father – Chris Tomlin
  • For the Cross – Bethel
  • Oceans – Hillsong
  • Real Love – Hillsong, Young, & Free
  • Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • Sons & Daughters – Bret Stanfill
  • Close – Hillsong, Young, & Free
  • Holy Spirit – Kari Jobe
  • Worthy of Your Name – Sean Curran

Also, here is the link to the 488 pictures we took with the church camera this past week:

As the high school youth and adults prepare to depart tomorrow for our mission trip, I ask that you keep us in your prayers.  Pray that God will open our eyes to see how God is working in the world and for us to see how Sardis is making a kingdom difference!



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